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Qurān the sacred scripture of Islam.

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The holy text of Islam is the Quran. According to Islam, between 610 and 632 ace, the angel Gabriel visited the Prophet Muhammad in Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, where the Holy Quran was revealed.

How many versions of Quran are there in this world

How many types of Quran do we have?

There is and will only ever be one Quran, unchanged. There are numerous versions of the Quran, some people may occasionally claim. False. Those Qurans are either translations of the original or have different recitations, but there is only one Quran. There are various kinds of recitations available for those who don’t speak Arabic.

Even if you disagree, you can still conduct a small test. Just visit a nearby Quran book store. The Quranic version need not be mentioned.

Has the Quran ever changed over time?

There is only one Quran and there never will be another. And Allah said in the Qur’an that he was guarding it.
And perhaps you are clueless. Examine the various copies made in various nations and contrast them with one another and the oldest manuscripts, such as this Birmingham Quran manuscript.

Absolutely identical!
Even Islam’s worst detractors have begrudgingly attested to the purity of the Holy Quran: