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Online Quran Reading With Tajweed This Cours

Get the Online Quran Classes of the Holy Book of Allah from the globes best Teacher. We are working as a reputable Islamic Education center. given that 2006. We have specialist tutoring professors having the experience of several years. Start your essential journey of quran education and its understanding with us. We are proud to offer a suitable education to all Muslims. You can now discover this Holy book at your own home.

How Do We Work for Quran Classes?

You can reach us with only one Click and start your lessons.

We offer different Courses . You can choose the course according to your interest and requirements. We deliver the lectures with the help of

Skype which is audio communication software.

Why Online classes for Kids with us?

We give lectures using the latest technology and also use modern

tutoring methods.Our academy is based on the distance understanding system. We are providing our services in many locations our classes from Pakistan Lahroe in Western Countries like the USA  UK  Australia,and all the world and others are more effective than the face to face reading of the Quran. Our class sessions are better than face to face understanding
because they are based on interactive one on one session. The online classes of Quran are very interesting and motivating. The kids not only study the Quran but they also understand how they include Islamic education in their lives. So join us and we will teach you to make your

Benefits of Taking Quran Classes

Benefits of Taking Quran Classes

➡️ 24/7 Service

➡️  Worldwide Recognition

➡️ Appraisal Certificate

➡️ Easy Online Payments

➡️ One-on-One Classes

➡️ Evaluation Reports

➡️ Online Panel

➡️ Alternative Teachers

➡️ Multilingual Tutors

Islamic Values through Quran Classes online

hiffzequran Academy understands that kids are the building block of society. It is very important to instil Islamic teaching at an early age in the kids. Therefore we also offer basic Islamic Tutoring to the little Muslims to mould their life according to the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

  • 5 Pillars Of Islam.
  • 6 Pillars Of Iman.
  • slamic Creed.
  • Fiqh & Tafseer.
  • Exemplary Islamic Lessons.
  • Dua, Azkar & Hadith.

Levels Of Online Quran Classes

HaffzeQuran Academy offers three levels of online Quran classes. These levels are divided to facilitate your child’s level and to help him master a particular subject of Quran recitation. You can read details about these three levels below.

Beginner level

The beginner level is designed for a students that have no knowledge of Tajweed rules and Quran reading. The students assigned at the beginner level will have to pass our Quranic Qaida Course to continue the Quran recitation course with Tajweed. Any child willing to memorize the Holy Quran would have to master the quranic Qaida course first.

Intermediate level

As your kid gets expertise and passes the beginner/quranic Qaida course, he/she will be moved toward the intermediate level. The intermediate level is designed to enhance the Tajweed and help child’s master the reading of the complete Quran with no Any hidden errors.

If your kid has basic knowledge of Tajweed and has passed the Quranic Qaida course in some other institute or home, you can also enroll your kid in Hiffzequran academy’s online Quran Recitation Course to improve their skills. Hiffz Academy will evaluate your kids to check whether they meet the criteria or not.

Advanced Level

Advanced level is suitable for the students wanting to get an Ijazah Certificate or want to Memorize The Quran after attaining expertise in the beginner and intermediate levels.

Great offer for you!

Hiffzequran academy provides free trial classes on the three levels. Get your childs enroll in Hiffzequran Academy’s Online Quran Classes for kids to experience the beautiful journey with us.

FAQs Online Quran classes free are flexible as compared to physical classes


Best online Quran classes free

As the glob is moving towards an integration of technology in education, the religious education has also been influenced. Best online Quran classes free provides an Best platform for people to learn the teachings of the Holy Quran with easy and comfort at their own place.

masjid nabawi quran classes online free

Hiffzequran Acadmy offer free Quran classes with the voice of Masjid Nabawi. Immerse yourself in the melodious recitations from the heart of Medina. Our dedicated Tutors provide a unique opportunity to connect with the Quran sacred from the comfort of your home. Join our community of learners and experience the spiritual beauty of Masjid Nabawi through our online Quran classes. Start your journey towards a deeper understanding of the Quran and the teachings of Islam with us today.

free quran classes for adults

Hifzequran provide Quran classes for adults. Explore the beauty of the Quran from the comfort at your home. our free online classes are tailored to your needs. Join our Acadmy of adult learners and embark on a journey . Start your Quran classes today.

quran online classes for ladies free

our online Quran classes tailored exclusively for ladies. Our platform offers Quran classes, allowing women to explore the Quran teachings in a comfortable and supportive environment. Our qualified female Teacher provide guidance and respectful and inclusive space for learning.our free classes are designed to meet your needs. Begin your free online Quran classes today.