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Learn Quran translation in Urdu with our Online Quran Academy. We are the top institute to teach you Quran translation and tafseer . In this course you will not only learn the meanings of the verses but also understand their hidden meanings. This is the best option for you to understand Islam. The Quran has the commands of Allah S.W.T. So understanding those commands is only possible if we read Tafsir Quran. The course will not give you the scholarly views but you can understand the Book of Allah very well. You will get a deep understanding of beliefs, and Commands of Allah.

translation&tafseer quran Easy to Learn

A great number of Muslims cannot understand the meanings of verses. The reason is that they are not familiar with the Arabic language Quran translation is important for such people who want to learn explanations in Arabic. We offer them the opportunity to learn Tafseer in Urdu.we invite you to join us. We will give you in-depth knowledge of Islam.

If you want to start Quran translation in Urdu, you should first complete the Reading quran course. When you can understand the verses meaning word-by-word, you can easily learn Tafseer. We recommend your Reading course. Before you start this course, you must be an expert in reading the Quran. These two are the prerequisites of the Quran Tafsir that you start with our Holy Quran Academy.

Why Quran translation&tafseer Online?

The course explains and describes the meanings of the verses. The students can discover the real meanings of the messages of Allah after completing this course. It is the science of understanding the Quran translation and the rulings of Islam. Allah explained every matter of life in the Quran. It is, therefore, important for us to learn Tafsir. The important course helps you in leading the Islamic way of life.

We offer an online Tafseer Quran for worldwide Muslims. It means whosoever wants to learn with us can join us easily. We teach Skype Quran Classes Online thus making it easy for everyone to learn the Holy Book. If you have a laptop/ PC, a SmartPhone, or a Tablet, you can start learning with us. Allah asks us to walk on the right path and it is only possible if we know the Quran. We all can find the right path with the help of this Holy Book.

So, join us for Quran translation online. You will find this course as a treasure that will help you live a successful life. Our Quran  Online Academy offers this channel for both men and women. We have both male and female staff for teaching you this course.

We teach you in translation of quran-

  • The basic Arabic grammar
  • Meaning of verses
  • Understanding Ahkaam
  • Tajweed e Quran
  • Ethics
  • Hadith

We have the scholar-teacher to teach you the Quran translation Online. Only a knowledgeable teacher can explain the meaning of the verses in detail. Our Online Quran tutors have profound knowledge of Quran Tafseer, so they are the best choice for you. You will not only learn the outer meanings of the Quran and but also the hidden meanings too. Our Online Quran Teachers have complete knowledge of Arabic and know the rules of reading. They will solve all the complexities that you will face during the lessons.

Why Quran translation&Tafseer With Us?

When you learn translation online with us, you do not have to go to any institute. We will teach you at your home. Only adult learners can start this course with us. Those who do not like to attend group classes or cannot join any institute should join us. We have expert tutors and scholar-teachers who will Quran Tafseer in Urdu. We aim to make Muslims proficient in the knowledge of the Quran translation.

The students after completing the course will understand the Science of Tafseer and the Qur’an. We also help learners become competent in Islamic research to learn basic Islamic principles. After completing the course, the students can understand complex ideas in the Book of Allah.

Trial Classes of Quran Tafseer&translation

We also offer trial classes for translation Quran course online. You can book your trial classes for 3 days by contacting us. Take these Online Quran Classes free and choose us for regular classes. So, contact us today!