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Holy Quran para 1 to 30 in images

Holy Quran para 1 to 30 in images Availabel for quran reading and memorizing in 16lins easy to understanding and downloading

Introduction to the Holy Qur’an

The world’s most popular book is the Qur’an.
Since God revealed it to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the 7th century, Muslims have treasured it as God’s last Scripture and Testament, and Muslims of all nationalities have devotedly recited, remembered, and applied its teachings ever since.
Its eloquence and poetic imagery, especially when read aloud, inspire and console the devoted and frequently lead them to tears. However, the Qur’an stands out as the only Scripture that is free of errors in science, whose historical veracity can be established, and whose text has been so meticulously maintained that only one approved translation (in Arabic) is available. The Qur’an is the only holy book that can be memorised in full by individuals of all ages and cognitive levels, including non-Arabic speakers, which Muslims consider to be one of its marvels. It is also the only holy book that is roughly the same length as the New Testament.

Holy Quran Para 1

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