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Are You Afraid of Islam and Muslims?

Because of what you read and see in the news, are you fearful of Muslims and Islam? It is very understandable, but allow me to continue.
What is Islam, the religion that I and many others practise, truly like? The core idea of Islam is that since God created us as humans, He is deserving of our utmost respect, adoration, and submission. I will be assessed and, depending on my actions, either rewarded or punished one day.

Muslims hold that as God’s slaves, we do our best to live our lives according to what He has revealed in His book, the Quran, and in the manner of the man He chose to be our prophet, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). You may say that Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the application of the theory, and the Quran is the theory.

Because of my beliefs, I must make every effort to worship God. Rituals are part of worship; for example, we pray five times daily, donate a portion of our income to charity, fast from dawn till nightfall on certain days of the year, remember God every day, etc.


Additional community:

 behaviours like as grinning, being kind to our neighbours, helping the less fortunate, and being good to our parents are also included in worship. Worship, in essence, is anything done to please God and that He finds pleasing.

In general, we aim to include worship into many aspects of our life. If done with the appropriate intention, even seemingly routine tasks like caring for one’s family, working to maintain one’s independence, and supporting one’s parents and family can be considered acts of worship.

In the four years I have spent in British society, Muslims make up a sizable portion of the population (and also many other non-Muslim majority societies). According to Prime Minister Cameron, of all the religious groups in this country, Muslims donate the most to charitable causes.

Since I arrived in this nation, Muslim physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals have treated me. I have travelled in vehicles driven by Muslims, including cabs and buses. Muslims operate a large number of restaurants, and they also make up a large portion of the security personnel. I have encountered Muslim lawyers, legislators, and police officers.

Muslims participate in the race

 just like everyone else. They aspire to live happy lives, have enough food to feed their families, and follow God’s instructions. And yes, there are undesirable individuals in Muslim cultures as well, but this is unrelated to Islam. Islam is ideal. But Muslims are flawed because they are human.

It makes perfect sense why you’re terrified. We concur. We are also afraid of stepping outside and going to marketplaces and airports. We share the same vulnerability to harm as everyone else. We share your utter astonishment at what has been happening around the world, so it is totally OK. Considering that almost 98 percent of

Do not let war profiteering politicians draw a gap between us.

Do not allow those in suits who profit from disruption to incite animosity among us. Each and every one of us is a human being attempting to navigate this chaotic planet.

We are uncomplicated believers in God. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, not those who misappropriate our faith nor those who vilify us all due to the conduct of a small number of people.

Let’s investigate Islam. Discover the reasons for Muslims’ faith in God, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and what Muslims think the meaning of life is. Only by understanding one another can we find harmony.