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What is islam

The word “islam” literally stems from the root “s-l-m” and the words “silm” and “salamah” which mean peace, and which indicate the “submission” or ‘surrender” of oneself to God Almighty [Allah], being obedient to His commands, embarking on a safe and secure path that leads to salvation,


What is islam

What is The basis of Islam

The basis of Islam is “iman” that is faith or belief, and aware compliance. The fruits of Islam are “ihsan” (blessings) and “ihklas” (sincerity) that is acting or living as if seeing God [Allah], and doing everything only for the sake of God Almighty.

What is The concept of Islam

The concept of Islam can be briefly summarized as the unconditional and doubtless belief of the “Tawhid”, the Unity of God, and His divine Existence, and the submission of the self to Him. Also included in this, are the performance of every act and the responsibility of acting as if one sees Him, and is observed by Him, and doing everything only for His sake.

How is Islam a divine religion?

Based on the messages of God Almighty, and the teachings and practices of His prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, Islam is a Divine religion.

Scholars have described Islam as “the sum of all divine laws that urge people to do good deeds with their freewill and consciousness.” Hence, if such a dynamic system can be practiced in life, then its fruits will become obvious in this world and in the hereafter.

Tawhid”, the Unity of God, and His divine Existence, and the submission of the self to Him

what is the different islam and iman

From the perspective of language, there is a fine distinction between “iman” and “Islam”, that is, faith and submission. However, it is a strongly believed that Islam without faith (iman), and faith (iman) without Islam (submission and/or actions) are incomprehensible. Faith is the interior, and Islam is the physical expression of this faith that constitutes the exterior.

what is In fact, Islam

In fact, Islam was sent down to save people from their own selves, and to enlighten people with the knowledge of God. In other words, Islam is collection of divine rules and revelations that raises human beings above the level of the animals, and which prepares them for the journey to the comforting climate of the heart and the spirit.

What is The Iman (faith),

The spirit of this system is Iman (faith), its body is Islam (submission), its perception Ihsan (consciousness of His presence), and the name of this unique order is Din, Islam (submission).

Islam addresses those who are , to do what is good for both this and the next life through their own freewill, promising eternal contentment to those who heed this call.

All blessings, prosperity and enduring joy are bound together with the free will of humanity by God’s Knowledge, Will and Choce. In the same way religion and the responsibilities entailed are a favor and a tribute given to human will by the Divine Will.

What is different Islam and other religious

From this aspect, Islam is totally different than other religious systems; the manners of Islam are divine, and the expression of this is servitude. Those to whom Islam is being addressed are intellectually capable, and they possess freewill, as already stated; they try to practice the religion of God, and also try to be representatives of it.

As this religion has been sent by the All-Knowing God – Allah, He Who best knows His creation, it always shows the way to the truth, to good deeds, and it encourages hearts with promises of paradise.


What is different Islam and other religious

Can people be forced into Islam?

Aware of the fact that Islam never causes repugnance, they accept everyone as they are, and instead of trying to push their ideas on others, they are adorned with true faith, trying to represent their religion flawlessly, and being one of those who are admired by those around.

Yet, they are not seeking the admiration of others; they do everything for the sake of their Exalted God, thinking only of His approval in their everyday speech, behavior, and thought; such people are never “ostentatious”, considering this as little better than a virus infecting and killing the heart and spirituality.